The beginning

My life is characterized by a great deal of chaotism ... that is where it all started.
I often followed all kinds of fantasies, unhindered by planning and control, I think.

Then why do you become a writer? In general, these are control freaks who want to keep their self-created world completely in their own hands. I learned early on that the pen is for me the saving tunnel for my excess of emotions, otherwise I have the feeling that I, as it were, overflow. After barely surviving a terrible traffic accident, I decided in the future to only do the things that I really wanted.

But yes, writing a book, that gave me sloshing armpits. Could I? Like so many writers, I feel very insecure, especially as the masterpiece nears completion and the critics then give their opinion on it. So my first book was a matter of procrastinating until the point when you are no longer taken seriously.

Despite the fact that you've written a lot, that terrible cursor is constantly blinking at you. Well, producing a well-running and readable story of a few hundred pages, that was a different story. I just started without a plan, but with a vague plot in my head. I think everyone's first book is largely autobiographical. Not so much the story itself, but outspoken thoughts, opinions and dialogues are like walking around in my debut novel (Zwarte Lust, 2009). A heavily controversial theme caused many red ears among my first readers, opinions about me were adjusted, in short, I had started and felt wonderful!

After I started to understand the publishing world a bit, I decided to publish my next thriller myself. In 2010 my second book, The Council of Seven, saw the light of day. I am very happy with this, the response has been overwhelming. Released from the first troubles, I felt a bit liberated and have now found my method and way of writing.
From my third book on, my manuscripts have been published to the full satisfaction of the Clustereffect publishing house from Prinsenbeek